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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: New Client Cards

By August 27, 2019No Comments

Getting to know you!

So, why do we ask you to fill out a “new client card”?

When you come in to our salon for the first time, our customer care team will ask you to fill this out. It’s basically a form that provides us with lots of information about you. We promise we are not mining data or trying to be nosy or pesky. We ask about you because we want to be sure we are serving you to the very best of our ability. We like having you mailing address so we can send you hand-written thank you notes. We love to know your birthday so we can send you a message and gift!

Knowing more helps us treat our other clients well. Let’s say a friend referred you to our salon. We want to be able to thank that referring customer.

The form also allows you to know us. When filling it out, you will learn about the complimentary services we offer and you can indicate which ones suit you most. Additionally, if you are getting a hair color service, the form allows you to let us know if you prefer to have a patch test for allergies.

We work super hard to gain and keep new clients for our salon. This little form makes it easier for us to make sure that you want to come back and see us gain and again. So come on in and see for yourself. We will treat you extra special!


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