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Trend Alert: Hair Accessories

By August 30, 2019No Comments

Hair accessories. Nothing new. But definitely awesome.

They’re back!

Hair Accessories.

If you scroll through Instagram, you will see ads or pictures of all kinds of “new” hair accessories. The hair clip and barrette trend has circled back and it’s more popular than ever.

Hair accessories have been around for a very long time. The first known accessories are as old as humanity and were called hair rings. They were a solid ring made of clay or gold used similar to a hair tie and also looked like a scrunchie but were much heavier.

Then came ribbons and bows. In powdered-wig times men and women would decorate their wigs with ribbons.

Barrettes soon began to make an appearance in the mid-19th century, found their way into the 80’s and 90’s, and are in full swing again today.

Also, headbands, popular in the 1800’s, and decorative combs (including “claw” clips) were popular in the 50’s. I wear a tortoiseshell claw clip almost everyday outside of the salon.

Trends you see today are far from original ideas, but we love them anyway!

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