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Communication, Comprehension, and Disagreements

By August 23, 2019No Comments


I’ve always heard how communication is key in life, relationships, and the work setting. But I’m starting to realize that pointing to a broad stroke reasoning of “communication is the key” is oversimplifying and misleading.

Many may think that voicing an opinion or grievance to someone is all you have to do to be a “good communicator”. But we’re losing a lot in that equation. What about comprehension or understanding? There’s the REAL key to life!

My client list ranges from ages 3 to 93. Men, women, married, divorced, single, college-age, young kids and teenagers. As a hairdresser, I hear the stories both good and bad. When I’m listening to someone vent about their relationships, I just wish there was a third party in the conversation. A translator who could explain one person’s viewpoint to the other in a way that would bridge understanding.

We won’t always agree. But we can at least extend ourselves to understand where the other person is coming from. Especially when it comes to passionate things like work and relationships, it’s hard to be next to someone who has a different viewpoint. In the end, however, everyone simply wants to be heard. A disagreement doesn’t have to ruin a relationship. You can still be friends and work together after exploring a disagreement and reaching respect for the other person’s viewpoint.

It really takes so much more energy to hold resentment and hate than it does to simply let any hang-ups go and help each other out!

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