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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Four Steps to Beautiful Skin

By August 20, 2019No Comments

Glowing skin is a foundation of beauty.

Sometimes when the genetic game isn’t strong enough or we’ve finally hit that time in our lives it’s paramount to get serious about skincare. Knowing where to turn is important! Especially living in the Southwest, because the desert really plays a number on our skin game.

Many factors play into having great skin, genetics, age, health, limiting exposure to cigarettes, alcohol, and the sun. However the best line of defense is your skin care regimen. At the Root Salon we can custom order you our favorites from the Aveda Line!!! I personally have been trying out my new game plan for this dry desert skin I’ve been battling.

The first power player in the Aveda skin care line is the Tulasera Wedding Night Masque! I’m OBSESSED, and once you’ve tried this night cream you will know why a good night cream is sooo vital!! Applying this cream right before bed, after you have washed your face feels like a drink of water on a hot day. My skin is literally feeling so hydrated and smooth since using this for the past few weeks.

The second power player is the Tulasera Day Cream. Moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize some more!! I wake up, and use some lavender or cucumber witch-hazel on an organic cotton pad, and then apply my day cream. I don’t rewash my face, because I’ve found less water is best. Plus I washed it the night before. This helps my makeup go on smoother, and starts my day off adding extra hydration until I get home.

My third power player is Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics-radiant skin refiner. Once I get home I remove my eye make up, and then 2x a week I use this as a gentle exfoliant. It gets rid of any dry skin I have, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry!! For washing my face daily I love the Botanical Kinetics- all sensitive cleanser. This gently removes your makeup, and any dirt without being too rough on your skin. I’ve noticed since moving here I need to be gentle, because my skin is delicate.

The last power player for me is all about that moisture game again. Since moving here I’ve noticed dry patches on my eyes, and it’s been driving me wild!! Nothing like dry eyes to mess up my instaworthy makeup game!! So my solution has been the Aveda Botanical Kinetics-energizing eye cream. I apply this at night, and in the morning. Pat it on your eyelids, and under your eyes. Do not rub it in. I’ve now got a super smooth canvas on which to apply my makeup. I swear by this product.

My last tip is if you get too much sun here in Arizona make sure to run and get a fresh aloe leaf at your local grocery store. I keep mine in the refrigerator and I apply after being in the sun for more than an hour after cleansing my skin. Just cut off a 1 inch piece, and squeeze the aloe out of the leaf, and apply directly to your skin. Organic aloe from the direct source has saved my skin on more than one occasion.

And it goes without saying to protect your skin from the sun (shade, hats, sunblock) and drink lots of water. Don’t forget to talk to one of us so we can order your own Aveda combination of skin products.

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