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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Manage Personal Change

By July 16, 2019No Comments

Don’t snooze! Just get up!

One thing I’m focusing on this year, since I’ve just turned 38, is accountability and routines. I’m ready to make a personal change about something that’s always bothered me.

I’m not a morning person at all and it’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, even if I get a full eight hours of sleep. But changing this is so hard!

We all know change is difficult especially as we age but I’m trying my best to hold myself accountable. When I make plans to get up extra early or before I go to the gym, I need to do just that. It’s really that simple. Repeat the routine you desire and soon it will feel normal.

After a great start to my morning, my next hurdle is to make sure I eat well during the remainder of the day. And if I thought waking up was hard, this one is even tougher! And though I want to be 100 percent, I’m not. Unfortunately, this causes even more trouble because, OMG, I’m so hard on myself when I make a mistake. I’m always trying to convince myself I don’t deserve a pass because I had a great day at work or I’m crushing on someone!

So, this year, I’m focusing on these improvements and forgiving myself when I don’t quite make it to perfection. Here’s to 38!

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