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Passion, Fun, and Joy

By July 12, 2019No Comments

Karaoke. It never goes well. And that’s the point!

Growing up in today’s society and having the pressures of social media we are always trying to be the best at everything. We’re in the age of YouTube where “influencers” are constantly trying to collect views and subscribers by one-upping the others.

Being so inundated with these images of perfection and approval, it’s natural to follow suit and fall into the same pattern. We’re swarmed with cultural contests and competitions to gain recognition for the things we’ve worked hard for, but it’s really okay to slow down and just enjoy the passion and happiness you receive when doing these activities.

It’s one thing to turn a passion into a career. It’s another to turn a passion into a heavy burden. We have to stop thinking we can’t pursue an interest if it’s not leading us to a tangible gain (an Instagram photo, likes, comments, etc.).

We’re forgetting that we’re allowed to go out for karaoke and just belt it out even though we know how tone-deaf we are. It’s okay to go to the batting cages and completely strike out. Or just do something nice for yourself (facial, hike, massage, shopping) without sharing it with the whole world.

My point is, it’s more than okay to do something purely for the joy of it; not for the aspiration to be perfect in the activity (and then posting about your perfection on social media and seeking validation from others’ admiration).

Side note: What’s not okay is cutting your own hair at home and having to come in and have us fix it for you. (I’m just kidding about that last part — kind of!)

Anyway, remember to have fun in life! It’s too short to be taken too seriously.

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