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Two Trends Return

By July 19, 2019No Comments

They are back! For real!

It’s a widely-known fact that fashion trends are cyclical. We are used to seeing fashion articles that say, “such and such is back!” But it’s not until we see it with our own eyes in our own town (probably on a teenager) until we believe that a look from the past has really, truly, come back.

Well, we recently saw two 90’s trends IRL so we believe these are official!

First, scrunchies!

Yes, we observed a fashionable 17-year-old wearing a burgundy scrunchie recently but here the best part: she was wearing it on her wrist, not in her hair. And that is so 90’s. As hair care professionals, this is one trend we truly love. Not only are scrunchies fun, but they are very gentle on the hair. The soft fabric protects the hair from any metal pieces other elastics may have and it’s so bulky that hair rarely gets tangled around it.

Second, Doc Marten boots!

These have been trying to make a legit comeback for over a decade and now that we’ve seen someone wearing a new pair (in the summer heat, no less!) we know it’s for real. This time around, it seems that younger kids are really into the Doc Marten style that features a very thick sole. In fact, we might know a teenager who isn’t allowed to wear her pair while driving because it makes her foot too heavy. Ha!

So there you have it! If you like either of these trends, go for it!


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