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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Living Coral As Hair Color

By January 29, 2019No Comments

Here it is! Pantone Living Coral!

At the beginning of every year, the New Jersey based company Pantone introduces their color of the year. This year’s color is “Living Coral”.

But what does that mean to us here in the beauty industry?

Well, a lot.

Every year we pay close attention to the color of the year.

It has proven to influence everything from color in fashion, make-up, nail color and, yes, even hair color. Trends start swinging in the direction of the color of the year almost immediately after it is announced.

Here in Phoenix where spring arrives earlier than most of the country, we are excited for this color in spring fashion and make-up. However, we are a little nervous to field the certain, countless phone calls for coral-colored hair.

We have no problem creating any color – even coral – on hair, but it is a big process and commitment for our clients. It always requires bleaching the hair first which can ONLY be done safely if the hair is in good to excellent condition. On top of that, the in-salon maintenance will be frequent to keep the color fresh and beautiful, so that may require an increase to your annual hair budget. Another budget to keep in mind is your time; your morning routine may need some extra steps to keep this fabulous color vivid between your appointments.

All that said, if you think that this is a must-have hair color for you this year, we are happy to consult with you free of charge! So let us know. We are happy to talk to you about this fun new fad!


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