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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How To Color Hair with Sensitive Skin

By February 5, 2019No Comments

Cute tattoo! Now let’s do a patch test.

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you one of those gals who has to be very careful of what you use in you skin care routine? Maybe you have food allergies that cause a reaction on your skin. If so, you probably have a difficult time getting your hair colored as well.

Did you know there is a sure fire way to know if you are going to have a reaction to professional hair color the can be preformed at your salon? It is called a patch test. If you have ever experienced a breakout or negative reaction to a hair color service, then the key to a successful hair color salon visit is communication with your colorist and this easy little test.

First off, PLEASE tell your colorist about negative reactions and keep detailed notes to share with him or her. The more we know, the more we can help. Next, knowing that your skin is sensitive, insist on a patch test. Any reputable salon would rather take time to test your skin than have you break out. If the salon you are visiting does not know of or does not wan to perform this test, go elsewhere.

The test is super simple. Your colorist should mix a color formula exactly like they intend to use it on you hair the day of your service visit. Then they will apply a small amount to the back of your ear or neck. We also like to apply it to the inside of your wrist. Then it should sit for exactly the amount of time that would mimic your color treatment. After being allowed to process the full time, it is removed completely with warm water. After 24 hours, if you have no reaction to the test, it is usually safe to proceed with the color service.

The most important thing to remember is to thoroughly communicate with you colorist so that all of the options for great hair color without a negative reaction can be explored. If this has held you back from getting your hair colored, give us a call! We will work with you to find a solution.


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