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Let’s Talk Thrifting! A Guide To Thrift Store Success

By February 8, 2019No Comments

The hunt is on!

I recently became obsessed with thrift shopping since I moved to Arizona. Walking through one is like exploring a magical treasure trove.

You never know what you can find when you’re thrifting. You can stumble upon great home decor, supplies for your hobbies, designer bags, lightly worn vintage – you will be amazed at what people donate. It’s so true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Get Crafty

Break out your DIY Pinterest board. There are endless decorating projects you can make at an affordable budget. Just looking around at all the random items can spark some creativity. Try and look beyond the intended purpose of items and think about other ways you can use them. Lots of things can be up-cycled or repurposed into the swanky home decor.

Give Back

Most thrift stores support really great causes so you can feel good about all your purchases. Donations go towards helping the homeless, battered women, job training for people with disabilities, and many other causes. Spending at your local thrift store is an awesome way to help give back to your community.

If You Like It, Grab It

Anything you like, grab it and don’t look back. It probably won’t be there when you return. Someone else will scoop it up while you’re thinking about it.

Bragging Rights

Thrift stores are filled with fabulous finds. You can find real vintage and authentic designer items; you just gotta dig a little! Having a few cool vintage pieces adds a little something unique to your regular, everyday wardrobe. The best part is, no one else will have them!

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