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Three Reasons To Love Dry Shampoo

By January 25, 2019No Comments

This is the stuff!

Okay, so everyone at The Root Salon knows that I absolutely can’t get enough of dry shampoo. Seriously, this product has changed my professional life because I can give a client a whole new lease on life with just one product that is super easy to use.

Why do I love dry shampoo?

Well, I’ll give you my top three reasons.

1.  Dry shampoo reduces oil and product build-up

2.  Dry shampoo adds some fun texture and volume to the hair

3.  Dry shampoo (by alfaparf) smells amazing!

Dry shampoo can be used in so many different ways. Obviously, it also can act as a great hair cleanser when you don’t have time for a full shampoo and conditioner in the shower. But because that’s implied, it didn’t make it on my top three list!

At your next visit, talk to your stylist about our alpaparf dry shampoo; it rocks!!

Blog by Dana

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