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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Speed of Light Blow Dry Spray

By January 22, 2019No Comments

We are loving this product!

Here we are with new year and maybe a better looking, less-stressed you.

The whole salon is buzzing about a brand new product from Aveda. It is the fantastic “Speed of Light” blow dry accelerator spray.

With women leading such busy lives, it can be hard to force yourself to wash and style your hair. Many of our clients rely on pony tails and braids to avoid a lengthy blow-out. With this mighty little bottle, you might be inclined to sport a great blow-out more often.

Here’s our advice: Start by towel drying your hair with a micro fiber towel. Grab the “Speed of Light” bottle and shake it well before spraying it throughout your hair. The spray instantly goes to work to help remove tangles. You will enjoy the aroma you are getting from certified organic mandarin, star anise, ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences. Finally, style your hair in sections with your blow dryer and your brush of choice.

We are seeing drying time in the salon reduced by up to fifty percent and our clients are confirming it for themselves. So get a jump on looking great in less time this year with one new little product!


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