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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Keep Your Healthy Hair

By February 6, 2018No Comments

Swoon! Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

While we at The Root Salon are here to help you get the hair you’ve always wanted, there’s so much more to having healthy hair that happens outside of the salon. Here are a few ways to keep that hair glowing and strong.

Hydration: First, hydrate from the inside out by drinking water throughout the day. Then, hydrate your hair from the outside (especially the ends of your hair). One of my favorite products is Nutritive leave in conditioner from Alfaparf. It has honey extract and omegas 3 and 6.

Conditioner: It’s important to only condition your hair from mid shaft to ends. Applying conditioner on your scalp weighs the hair down and makes your scalp oily.

Brushes: Make sure to use a wet brush on wet hair. Start from the bottom and work your way up. A natural boar bristle brush is recommended for brushing dry hair. It distributes your scalp’s natural oils evenly and that adds moisture to your hair.

Thermal Protection: Always use a thermal protection before using any hot tool. My favorite is Illuminating Thermal Protector from Alfaparf. It adds shine while coating your hair. Love it!!

Trims: Well, you will need to come in and see us for this one. Getting your hair trimmed regularly is a critical way to prevent split ends.

These are such easy ways to keep your hair healthy and, trust us, when you are using all these methods, you’ll really notice a huge difference!

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