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Spring Training is Coming!

By February 2, 2018No Comments


Here we are with the weather bouncing up and down and into the 80s. And it’s only February.

I know it’s hard not to gripe, but I always get so excited this time of year because warmer weather means one thing to me: Spring Training!

And after will be my very favorite sports season: baseball! While everyone is hyped on football and basketball, I’m patiently awaiting April to be here. With a couple of free agents still not signed, I am already planning around spring training games.

Arizona is the home of 15 teams and 10 spring training facilities. With tickets only starting at $12 for games, I highly suggest at least experiencing spring training once. Many kids who grew up in The Valley have fond memories of family days watching the games together under the warm sun.

You should go! And, you never know, you might find a new found love for the best American sport.

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