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Favorite Ways to Exercise in Phoenix

By February 9, 2018No Comments

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area is so beautiful!

Winter in Phoenix is a great time to get in shape. While the rest of the country is holed up with their parkas and comfort food, we lucky desert dwellers get to run and play outside in the lovely weather! These are my favorite places and events to work up a sweat here in The Valley.

Murphy’s Bridle Path on Central

If you drive along Central Avenue on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you’ll no doubt see runners, bikers and walkers along this lovely path. Lined with mature shade trees, take a stroll from Bethany Home Road north for 2.5 miles where the path connects to the canal. The path is dirt so if you’re a runner, it’s so much nicer to your feet than the sidewalk or street. Plus, everyone on the path is very friendly and the homes along Central are beautiful!

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

This hiking, biking, and walking area in the Phoenix Mountains is becoming more and more popular. Located at the end of Northern Avenue’s twisty road extending east of the 51, you’ll find a the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area. There’s a beautifully paved biking/walking path that travels through the quiet desert or any number of hiking trails that literally stretch in every direction for miles. The only drawback here is it’s very easy to get a little “turned around” because there are so many intersecting trails. So bring a map and be ready for an adventure!

Pat’s Run

Signing up for a run can be a great way to openly commit yourself to a very solid excuse to ramp up the regular exercise. Pat’s Run is my favorite because at 4.2 miles, it’s a respectable distance that’s not super crazy like a half marathon or marathon. You can complete the run in an hour or so and then follow the Pat’s Run crowd as they hit the bars. Last year after the early morning run, I was at Rula Bula and suddenly felt very tipsy. I looked at my watch and it was 8am!

Hope to see you out there working up a sweat!

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