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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: The Best Time to Practice a New Makeup Technique

By February 13, 2018No Comments

So many fun makeup tricks to try!

You want to nail that cat-eye eyeliner. You want to go big on the brows. You want to try a fire engine red lipstick.

These are all incredible and bold makeup applications that look AMAZING when you get them right.

But if you get them wrong, YIKESSSS!

No one wants to run the risk of having terrifying eyebrows at work. Or spindly, uneven cat-eye eyeliner on a first date. In order to perfect such techniques, a gal has to spend time practicing.


The perfect time to practice a new makeup trick is right before your daily shower! Since you’re washing your face anyway, you can really go for it and experiment until you get it right. Then, after you’re feeling confident in your new skill, you can debut it to the outside world.

Plus it’s super fun to just get crazy. I mean, who hasn’t wondered what they might look like with a Frida Kahlo unibrow and a Marylin Monroe fake mole?

Or maybe that’s just me?


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