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The Great Grow Out: A Guide

By February 16, 2018No Comments

Rapunzel…let down your haiirrrr!

So, you’re ready to have long hair you say?

Great! Long tresses are always beautiful and so very feminine. But there are some things to consider before you go for a long hair look.

First, what’s your stamina for long-term commitment? Are you all in for, like, years? Because that’s how long it takes to gain some serious growth. We have a client who, for four years, has not cut length from her hair. She started her grow out from a lob (long bob) and now it’s down past her waist. We consider this to be in the “ridiculously, extremely long hair” category but even a more moderate length will take a year or two to achieve.

Second, how do you treat your hair? If you are the kind of gal who relies on regular lifting color processes to have super light blonde and often uses hot tools to style your hair, a lengthy look may be more difficult to keep healthy. The best-looking long hair is healthy hair and healthy hair needs to be treated gently. Minimizing lightening color processes and hot tools will help. Which brings us to our next question…

What are your product preferences? We’ll be straight with you and say that in order to keep that long hair healthy, using the very best shampoo, conditioning, and styling products is an absolute must! Of course, we can help you big time on this one and design a custom product package to help you reach your growth goal.

Okay, how does this all sound? Is it do-able? If so, we are super excited to help you get started!

Talk to us about the lengthy tresses you want and we can come up with a plan that will map out your color, product, regular trims (which actually stimulate growth), and “awkward” stages so you can achieve your “great grow out”!



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