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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Kids at The Root Salon

By February 20, 2018No Comments

Sooooooo adorable!!!

We always talk about how much we love to keep you looking your best and that mission extends to your kids! Children who have an appointment are welcome in our salon but there are a few things to consider before bringing in your sweet babe.

Depending on your child’s temperament, they may find this experience a little frightening. The salon can be noisy and a stylist will be handling their hair. We recommend helping them be prepared for the experience by putting in some time at home.

Talk to them about what it will be like. Comb and brush their hair regularly. If they are too young to get a shampoo, then we may use a spray bottle to wet their hair. Use a spray bottle a few times at home so your little one will get use to it. You could even let them spray your hair a few times. Play pretend the step-by-step of a hair appointment at home and draw pictures to show them everything that will happen. This way, they can feel confident when the big day arrives.

The more you familiarize your child about getting their hair done, the more pleasant the experience will be for you, your child, and our stylist. Since sitting still can be so tricky for little ones, we welcome the aid of devices like iPads or iPhones to keep their attention — we even have one you can borrow. We always have cookies as a nice reward when their service is complete.

All that said, it’s really best to keep your kids away from the salon while you are enjoying your own appointment. We love kids but we are very fearful for a small child’s safety if they are here, waiting and bored, while their parent is occupied. We work with hot tools and sharp objects so a child left to entertain themselves can easily get in harm’s way. Plus, we want our clients to be totally relaxed, not stressed about their kid’s behavior or safety!


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