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Everyone is in disbelief that we’ve hit the one year mark since the start of the U.S. pandemic.

Oddly enough, after 10+ years of neglecting to write in a journal, I had started journaling just a couple weeks prior to the COVID shut down in March 2020.

On our family’s one year mark of quarantine (we started just a few days shy of the Arizona shut down), I reviewed the pages from those entries written in the frenzy of the early weeks of the pandemic.

It was hard to read. So much fear, confusion, and dread were captured in those words.

I’ve continued to write and though it’s sporadic and lacks any recording of relevant or timely facts, I know how important the journal from March 2020 to March 2021 will become with time. I’ll look back on it, I’m sure. The worries and fears are captured in words but there are also pages of drawings by my daughter, lists of things to do, and notes from much of my learning throughout the year.

Who knows? Someday, maybe my daughter (now six) will look back on it, too.

If you’ve ever journaled before and fell out of the habit, consider picking it back up. I’m grateful I did!

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