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Here in the salon we are super excited for spring. Along with warmer weather, new spring style trends and possibly some wedding and special occasion hair, that means spring cleaning.

During last year’s shut down due to the pandemic, we overhauled the salon. We cleaned from the ceilings to the floor. We got fresh paint, new trash cans and a re-organized front desk.

Now, after a full year, it is time for a little spruce up.

But we know spring cleaning can be a daunting task that is easy to avoid. We decided to make it fun by drawing names from a hat to pair up our team members (you could do this at home with family members or roommates). Then, we put special projects in the hat and randomly assigned them. This created a since of togetherness and team work so that all of us could take pride in our super clean space for spring.

Some projects included cleaning the microwave and fridge while others included organizing the color cabinet and retail shelves. Since we are one of 30 businesses in Arizona to be certified by Local First Arizona as “green and sustainable” (more on this coming on a future blog), we are using earth-friendly cleaning solutions. We have been cleaning with things like vinegar and water and baking soda when we can. Of course when it comes to sanitation we need (and generously use) stronger solutions like Barbicide.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration to get going on cleaning up your own space. Even if it only means starting with one room. Who knows, maybe it will be the inspiration to redecorate your entire home or office!

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