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Everyone has one of those mornings. Next time you find yourself in a rush, consider these quick styling options.


Taking a few minutes to only blow dry your bangs can make your hair appear more polished. Since it’s the focal point of your hair and the first thing anyone will see, you can get away with a quick blow out of the bangs and pull the rest of the hair into an easy bun or let it air dry.  


If you have a natural texture to your hair you can let it air dry with just a quick application of your favorite leave-in product. Give it a quick scrunch and off you go.  For those who want a beach look just give yourself a few sprays of a sea salt spray to have lived-in look.


In a pinch you can focus your time on the top of your head. Use a product for volume and concentrate on top to give your hair some fullness and a finished look. And then quickly blow dry the lower half of your hair. Since the top is the most visible, it will look like you spent way more time than you actually did.

Blog by Dana

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