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When it comes to flat irons, there are some major differences between titanium, ceramic and tourmaline.

Titanium is one of the more popular flat irons and effective in providing straight, smooth hair. The plates heat up super quickly, it retains heat longer, and it’s more durable. You get faster and more consistent heat control and heat flow. The titanium is best used on medium to coarse hair which is not damaged or fragile.

Ceramic takes longer to heat up and it’s safer; more user friendly. It has even heat distribution and heats the hair from the inside out. The ceramic flat iron is ideal for anyone with fine or damaged hair.

Tourmaline can straighten the hair with less heat and gets the work done in half the time than ceramic. Tourmaline is best used on clients with normal to coarse hair.

But no matter the material, the most important step when using a flat iron is to make sure he hair is prepped and properly protected from any heat.

Two of my favorite heat protection products are Brilliant Damage Control from Aveda and Style Stories Thermal Protector from alfaparf.

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