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What artists choose as their “canvas” is subjective because a canvas can range from a flat surface for painting, a lump of clay for a sculpture, a space for an installation, the list goes on. Art can be realized in any form.

As hairstylists, we think of your hair like our own canvas.

Imagine if you were going to paint your canvas (with hair color). The more blank the starting canvas is, the more versatility you will be able to work with. When a canvas has had a previous color painted on it, the canvas is previously altered and you have to make adjustments to your future plans to get the outcome you desire.

For clients and hairstylists, understanding the starting point of the canvas is the foundation for a successful color or chemical service. Knowing where the hair has been and what has been done to it changes where the hair can be taken.

Many people think of art to be paintings and sculptures, when truly art is anything we can create or make up with our minds and execute with our bodies.

As stylists, we view hair as an art form containing color theory, form, texture, and many other elements of art theory. Remember that your hairstylists are artists, who create their art through you!

Blog by Kira

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