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A few years ago as I happily (okay, drunkenly) walked the streets of Bisbee, AZ celebrating a friend’s birthday, I stopped dead in my tracks. I saw the most amazing 70’s-style jacket that was a beautiful satin blue with a rising sun on its back; orange and gold diagonal rays wrapping over the shoulders. This shiny, quilted zip-up looks like the thing that happens after the Arizona State Flag makes out with Boogie Nights.

I just had to have it!

But it was night and the store was closed.

The next day, I plodded through the streets, weighed down by a hangover and I passed on the jacket. Big mistake!

Little did I know that what I had seen was what to become Classic Rock Couture‘s most celebrated original piece: The Rising Sun Jacket. And, lucky me, I received this jacket as a gift from my cousins at my next birthday (they coincidentally found it on Instagram and knew I’d love it).

As an AZ Independent Business (and female owned), we love to spread the word about other small businesses in our home city and state. Based out of Bisbee, AZ, we absolutely adore Classic Rock Couture, a small boutique that features a top collection of vintage pieces and original designs.

I recently wore this jacket to a socially-distanced, outdoor, masked, (and Covid-tested) get together and MAN was it a hit! I just loved hearing all the compliments and getting to tell this silly story about my night in Bisbee.

Since that fateful night, Classic Rock Couture created a whole line of similarly-styled jackets in every color. They also have some killer 70’s style shirts heavy on a desert vibe and other items that are so irresistible!

See their Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram and make an order. You won’t regret it!

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