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It is our belief that technology should never be a roadblock in our salon and that it should only ever enhance our experience of our day-to-day work and the way we serve our clients.

We are so excited to be partnering with Vish hair color management system. This is a powerful yet simple-to-use system that captures information using a Bluetooth enabled scale that connects to an app.

Vish and its ingenious scale measure our color. Then, after the color is applied, our stylists weigh the leftover color. The information is updated in the Vish system so the stylist can use the exact amount at the next appointment.

Our stylists love using the system. They can store their favorite formulas and automatically track history without ever picking up a pen. And, best of all, the information is accessed at the color bar so it’s right at their fingertips when mixing color.

We love using cutting edge technology that allows us to run a money-saving that streamlines the service process for both our stylists and our guests.

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