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Heatless curls are an amazing way to style your hair without damaging it! There are a few different ways to accomplish heatless curls, but if you want to try them, start with damp, clean hair.

One easy way to do heatless curls is to braid your hair. I will typically do two french braids which will give me really pretty wavy curls that are also really awesome for day two hairstyles!

Another easy heatless curl technique that doesn’t involve braiding is to take a bathrobe tie and drape it on your head (like a headband that you don’t tie behind your neck); hair parted down the middle. Take each side and wrap the hair away from your face down the side of the tie. This will give your hair really soft bouncy curls (see YouTube videos for more on this).

Both of these techniques are super easy to sleep in as well! Give them a try and see if you like them!

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