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Have you ever gotten so hot and sweaty during a workout you wish you could just jump into an ice bath?! Using ice on the skin is known to have lifting and tightening benefits. But cold therapy used on the entire body brings full-body benefits, such as reduced inflammation, boosted cardiovascular strength, and sped up recovery post workout. 

The best time to enjoy a freezing cold ice bath is right after you work out, when your muscles are tired and your body is overheated. If you can, aim to take your bath no more than 2 hours after a workout or physical activity, doing it during the time frame will benefit you and your muscles so much more! Some people like to ice bath in the morning to kick start their day. Turn on the water and add a pound of ice into the bathtub (or as much as you want). Climb into the tub before the water has had a chance to really cool down so its not as shocking to your system. The hardest part is the first 4 to 5 seconds, so don’t think about it. Just get in! As you sit, add a little more ice as your tolerance builds and you get used to the temperature. Try your hardest to stay in the bath for as long as you can but no longer than 15 minutes so you don’t go into hypothermia. You can choose to wear clothes and layer up so your system isn’t completely shocked. Remember to let your body warm up slowly. If you don’t have a bath tub a cold shower works just as well!

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