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Traveling down to Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point or even Puerto Vallarta is fun! However, have you ever thought of going a little farther into Mexico and possibly tour around the second-biggest city in Mexico?
One of the best things to do in Guadalajara is spending an evening enjoying a couple of drinks at a bar in Avenida Chapultepec. Not to mention you can also enjoy a Cazuela, which is a Tequila based drink while listening to a Mariachi down in el Parian in Tlaquepaque which is a Pueblo Magico.
One of the many things you can enjoy besides a Soccer game or even Lucha libre- Mexican Wrestling, is heading down to a town called Tequila and yes, there is a lot of tequila there! If you aren’t in a party mood or you’re not a big fan of Tequila, you can head down to Lake Chapala. It is the biggest lake in Mexico where you can enjoy the boardwalk that is filled with food and vendors.
These are only a few reasons to visit Guadalajara, it’s worth going for more than a week to enjoy more places and do more activities and the culture.
Blog by: Kat

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