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If you love a fiesta, is it safe to say you enjoy a good guac too?! I know I do, its one of my favorites & it is so easy to make! To get you all set for your national guacamole day I’ve decided to share with you my go to guacamole recipe. The main ingredient to stock up on is the avocado. Did you know that avocados are in the same family as cinnamon? You’ll also need: 3 tbs chopped cilantro, 1/2 cup red onion, 1 jalapeño diced, 1 roma tomato diced, 1/2 tps lemon pepper, juice of 1 lime, & 1/2 tps salt (or to taste). Start by scooping and mashing your avocados in a bowl, combine all prepared ingredients & mix in with the mashed avocado, really working & combing all the ingredients. Add a pinch more lime juice or salt if needed and serve with tortilla chips! This is a really great party snack and is fresh, delicious, and always a hit! Hope you get to enjoy your favorite guacamole no matter how you like it!

Blog by: Kira

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