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Even though not everyone chooses to wear foundation, so many people decide to everyday. But finding the right foundation can be so difficult. There are different formulas, brands, types & finishes. When choosing the right foundation you’re going to need to know if your skin is oily, dry or normal. If your skin is dry, try choosing a foundation that is oil based, and if you have oily skin try using a foundation that is water based. If you’re lucky enough to have normal skin than the world is your oyster and your foundation options are pretty open.

Different foundations have a different finishes to them, the main 2 are matte and dewy. Dewy foundation will give you the “clean girl” makeup look as well as make your skin look more alive, hydrated, and youthful. Often times a dewy set provides a glossing sheen to the skin. A matte foundation is great for those with oily skin who need a product that can absorb it or when you need your makeup to last a bit longer. Matte and dewy finishes are purely a preference base so always find something that works for you!
Blog by: Julia

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