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When will we re-open? We’re not completely sure but we hope very soon!

Being in an industry that requires person to person touch, we are always highly aware of hygiene safety and the concerns of our clients.

Re-opening amidst the Covid-19 pandemic means we are using new approaches to minimize contact and increase safety.

First, our team is masked, gloved and using these safety measures properly. Second, our disinfecting regimen is thorough and performed intermittendly throughout the day as well as between every client. And third, we will be asking clients to wait in their cars until their stylist is ready, eliminating shared waiting areas.

Finally, we have installed plexiglass partitions throughout the salon to create even more protection for our clients!

When we re-open, each client will receive clear instructions on the new protocols we will all follow to keep each other safe.

We honestly cannot wait to see you, our clients. We miss all of you and are so crazy excited to be with you again!

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