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It’s here! The heat has arrived!

This week we’re busting through the triple digits and, with so much time spent indoors because of you-know-what, this is a pretty hefty blow to the ol’ mental health.

I love exercising outdoors (usually I hike a lot but had to switch to jogging in the neighborhood also because of you-know-what) and with being outside so much, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to continue exercise in the hot outdoors. Now, none of this will be comfortable or attractive, let me warn you. But it will make it possible!

1. Wear skimpy clothes. For some of us, this may be a gift to our neighborhood. For most of us, it’s a matter of survival (and we believe others can just look away if they find our approaching-middle-aged bodies offensive). Consider shorty shorts and just a sports bra or go topless for guys. I find that any breeze that may kick up has a better chance of evap cooling when skin is out and free (wear SPF, though!).

2. Water yourself. Chug a glass of water before you go. Stick your head under the sink and wet your hair. If you’re wearing a shirt, drench it. Bring a squirt bottle and spray yourself down as you’re running. All of these little tricks create the miracle of evaporative cooling and they really do make a big difference!

3. Ice it up. I like to wrap up ice cubes in a bandanna and tie it around my neck. As I run, it melts and drips ice cold water down my chest and back. It’s lovely!

4. Stay in the shade. First, make your own shade by wearing a ridiculously huge hat. I love a loose-weave straw hat with a firm, large brim. You’ll need to pull that chin strap all the way tight to keep it from blowing off your head (like I said, not attractive). Next, just stay in the actual shade. I’ve found a few parking lots with shade awnings and I just take laps. Is it scenic? Not at all. But the full sun is just too much.

5. Stay close to home. If you overheat, be sure that you haven’t strayed too far from home. Your quickest route to safety when overheating is to get back in the A/C, hop in a cool shower, and hydrate.

Be safe out there!

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