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This spring we have seen a lot of fun makeup trends popping up all over social media. Here are our top 5 favorite eyeshadow looks for 2020:

Glitter Smokey Eye – start off with your favorite primer (it will help to keep your shadow in place) then tap on a shimmery, sliver shadow for a brilliant take on a classic look

Free Floating Eyeliner – liner no longer has to just chill on your lash line. After setting your eye shadow take any color of pencil liner and draw a line across your lid, you can even get creative and make that line into fun shapes like the tops of clouds or the tips of angel wings!

Sparkles For Days – glitter is the new black! First rim your eyes with a black kohl liner (the smudgier the better) then just add some fun glitter underneath your eyes! Fun side note: it can also help hide dark circles.

Neon Neon Neon – this is the cat eye of the future! Toss that black eyeliner and trade it in for a bright neon liquid or pencil liner! For a simple yet bold look just throw on a thick, winged look!

Matte Red Lip – red lips have been around for a long time but we have seen more and more people with clean skin, a bold brow and a perfect cherry red matte lip! Make sure to prep your lips with a scrub (this will help get rid of flakes or roughness that will be amplified by the matte textures), next just swipe on your favorite matte red; liquid or stick!

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