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Some might feel burdened by their morning care rituals and habits, but there’s one part of my routine that I look forward to every day: Makeup!

Makeup is a daily artistic expression for me (and many others!). Often with an artistic outlet, a therapeutic quality emerges.

I put on music or my favorite podcast and enter a meditative state as I concentrate on using brushes, liners, and tools to enhance my facial features. I get to choose colors, try new things, and create a different version of myself.

It’s invigorating!

I always budget a solid 30 minutes because I don’t like to rush this “me time”. It’s my favorite way to start my day.

I encourage everyone to find a morning ritual and budget enough time to enjoy it. Whether it’s applying makeup, reading a chapter in your book, or styling your outfit until it’s perfect, take the time!

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