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We may be sweating it out here in Phoenix but the good news is, our state has some of the most beautiful places to visit for a cool swim in nature!

1. Havasu Falls
This is one of the most incredible places on planet earth! The water is turquoise blue due to minerals in the water. You do need a permit with reservations that can be obtained on and they book up very fast! This area is on reservation land and very remote; you’ll need to hike into the Havasupai Canyon or take a helicopter ride. But it’s magical and absolutely worth a visit at least once in your life!

2. Fossil Creek
Fossil Creek is located in the Camp Verde area and requires a visiting permit (try because it’s so popular here, the crowds and litter used to be out of control. This place is such an amazing natural area to relax and swim. But be warned! If you opt for the hike (via Pine/Strawberry area), the trail is very challenging.

3. Slide rock
Located in Sedona, this is a fun place to go with friends and family. Best time to go is summer months June, July, and August when the weather is hot and the water is refreshingly freezing! Entrance is $20 a vehicle. Though busy all day every day, the slick rocks that make natural water slides are just too fun.

4. Lake Pleasant
The lake is huge and good for bringing the inflatables and floating around. You can also have a party on one of the house boats that are available to rent. This place is great to gather with friends and family!

Enjoy one of these best swimming spots in Arizona this hot summer where the cool water never gets old in this heat!

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