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After a month of working behind a mask and working on clients wearing masks, I have definitely noticed people’s eyes much more. It’s fascinating how much you miss when you look at the person’s whole face!

With most people’s eyes exposed only (rather than the rest of their face), you really begin to notice how much expression can be conveyed through a person’s eyes. I have even noticed workers at drive-throughs I frequent; this one young lady has particularly beautiful green eyes where I buy my coffee. I make sure to mention it to her every day that I see her.

So until we get back to living lives without wearing masks and everybody feels safer, take a little time to notice people’s eyes. It’s a nice way to connect while we aren’t able to see smiles and other full expressions.

We in the beauty industry are even wondering if wearing masks will begin to change makeup and eyebrow trends. It will be interesting to see because I know I can’t be the only one paying special attention to eyes right now!

Blog by Lauren

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