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Whether you love clothes and collect fashion or you just wear clothes because you have to, it seems across the board that dressing nice makes you feel put together. It may feel grueling to build up your wardrobe especially if you’re not quite sure how you want to dress, but here are some simple tips to help you get started.

First off is the basics. Most people know this so-called “fashion rule” but you should alway have some simple clothes in your wardrobe that you can layer with more stylish pieces. You don’t need much in my opinion, just a few different styles of white and black shirts, jeans, black or white slacks, and in my opinion a simple, neutral cardigan/over jacket. These items are so perfect to have because you will always be able to wear them, and they are great to build off of when styling your outfits.

Next is finding your personal style. What colors and textures are you drawn too? Who do you know or have seen that has a style you like? Pinterest is a good way to find ideas but I really think looking at celebrities or even just random people you see on the street can be a super effective way to find ideas. Always remember though that there is no need to put yourself in one box or particular style. Dress how you want, no need to narrow it down!

When it comes to shopping it gets a little tricky. One thing I’ve learned is that if I buy a bunch of clothing at once, I tend to pick my favorites of what I’ve bought and the other items get shoved in drawers and not worn until weeks later when I see them and remember. Plus when you have too much it gets hard to narrow it down and decide what to wear. I’ve found that I fall so much more in love with my clothes when I buy just one or two items and get to come up with ideas for outfits with the rest of my wardrobe. It also helps me know that I really love and want that item and that I will wear it consistently.

Once you’ve started gathering more clothing try and stay organized. It’s easy for items to get lost in a mess and it’s also super easy to forget that you even had them. I personally like to fold and roll my clothes in drawers and hang as much as I can because being able to see literally every piece of clothing I own makes picking outfits so much more fun and easy. It’s a super simple trick just to help yourself out in the mornings or at nights if you like to plan your fits.

My last tip is to dress however you want!!! I have heard from so many people that they wanna dress more fun or bold or however, but they are scared of what others will think. Who cares! If dressing crazy makes you happy, do it! I started dressing super bright and bold lately, I’m not gonna lie I questioned myself every time I stepped out of the house, but after a while I became so excited for the world to see my outfit. The confidence will come! Have fun with it and try something new!

Blog by: Lynsie

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