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Are we ready for winter? Here are a few fun hair trends happening this holiday season!
Big Fluffy Curls- Maybe just to keep your ears warm? I do know that a fluffy curls is just what the stylist ordered for your family photos this holiday season!
Going Darker- Taking your hair a shade or two darker for the winter can add a little vibrancy during the colder seasons! But lighter hair clients- don’t go too dark if you’re planning on going lighter next summer! Talk to your stylist about a semipermanent color that can last up to 12 weeks!
A Little Bit of a Shag- Try considering adding more layers to your hair, giving it a little bit of that lived in look is totally awesome way to ring in the holiday season!
A Pop of Lowlights – Don’t wanna go darker? But still might want to see a bit more richness? Then just add a few lowlights to add depth and dimension to your current color!
Moisture! Moisture! Moisture- it might be the weather change that could be drying out your hair, so let’s give that hair some healthy treatments! Ask your stylist what treatment would be best for your hair so you can roll into the winter months with new healthy locks!!!
blog by: Mikee

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