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Caffeine is an important ingredient for hairdressers creativity. There are endless memes about this special relationship. “First we do the coffee, then we do the hair” or “The hairstylists diet: 6 cups of coffee for 9 hours while constantly standing, then shovel 1800 calories in your face in 4 minutes flat.” We even name our hair color shades – Espresso, Jamocha Latte, and we will even the names of tea like, Dirty Chai Tea Latte. Every talented stylist I’ve ever worked with is associated by their caffeine. From Diet Coke to Dr Pepper, you name it.

To truly know your stylist is to know their caffeine affliction. Sure you may know the names of their significant other or their kids. But to truly know your stylist, is to know their caffeine affliction. Do they like Starbucks, Dutch Bros or maybe Dunkin’ and how they take it. I myself drink Redbull, not Monster or Redline. I like the original – the good ole red,  blue and silver.

So if you can’t decide what to get your stylist for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Blog by Shane

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