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Have you ever thought about painting your house? There is so much planning & preparation that takes place before any paint touches the walls! Now imagine that same process & apply it yourself with getting your hair colored. The importance of preparing your hair to be colored is just as important as the post-color hair care routine. Depending on where your hair journey has taken you, using the right products that suit your needs is a great start to achieve your dream hair. It can be hard spending money at the salon before a stylist has even touched your hair, but I assure you once the benefits of specific products have been explained properly, you’ll likely find yourself preparing for a new path down your hair journey. There is absolutely no harm in taking time to go over products & processes with your stylist. Being informed on why preparing hair to be colored will only improve the longevity & vibrancy of your desired hair color. So, my advice to anyone going to a salon for a color consultation, talk to your colorist about what you should be doing to prepare your hair for a beautiful color transformation. 

Blog by: Jules

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