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When you walk into our salon, you can’t miss the fresh bouquet of flowers at our front desk. Did you know that flowers have so many more benefits than just being beautiful to look at? A few benefits of having flowers around are that they boost your mood & energy levels, they help you sleep better, they even have a positive effect on the healing of your body. They say flowers improve your memory because many species of flowers produce the precise molecular component that activates positive emotion. Memory is directly correlated to smell and therefore when you can attach a certain smell to life’s moments that have happened, either positive or negative, you will tend to remember the details a little better. 

Lavender can help you sleep better because of the calming properties of the fragrance. Studies show that people who have lavender around wake up feeling well rested and more energetic. Eucalyptus can help with sinus blockage & respiratory issues. Placing a bundle in your steamy shower can help perfect for clearing out your airways. Flowers can also help a person physically heal quicker. Yes it’s true! Specific studies state that a person who has flowers in their room while their body is recovering heal faster than those who were healing with no flowers around.  Now, you have medical reasoning for purchasing fresh flowers! You could even have flowers delivered to your door by our local florist Stem Swag, the same florist we get our beautiful front desk flowers from weekly!

Blog by: Steven

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