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As we head in the the summer months here in the valley of the sun, I want to share a few, quick & easy makeup tricks to make your routine more efficient for the heat! The first, and always most important makeup must-have is sunscreen, always make sure that you are incorporating SPF before applying makeup, or even try using a moisturizer with SPF built right in. Another tip I recommend is to try switching out your standard foundation for something more lightweight & breathable, I suggest trying either a BB or CC cream as a good alternative! Tinted moisturizers are also very light & are great for keeping your skin hydrated. Having foundation or face coverage that is more lightweight will help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh all day long. My final tip is to apply a long wear setting spray, you will want to spray your face before & after you apply your face makeup, it helps to grip the makeup to your face & keep it in place all day long! I hope you’re able to take a few of these tricks & apply them to your current makeup routine to help keep that makeup on all summer long! 

Blog By: Ethan

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