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    What makes two people romantically compatible? First of all, compatibility is not just if the both of you get along & like the same things. It’s more than that, its the connection of your souls, & the cosmic connection of you & your partner to the universe. Understanding your cosmic connection is key to understanding compatibility. Not everything is based off your horoscope, but a lot of times understanding your horoscope can answer unknowns or shed light on your cosmic connection. Knowing your horoscope or what sun sign you are can help determine compatibility but that is barely scraping the surface of unity between couples.

    First, let’s touch on the signs that are compatible. A good rule of thumb to remember is that compatibility naturally occurs between elements. All zodiac signs are considered to be categorized as one of the four natural elements: water, fire, earth, & air. All elements are compatible within their same elemental group, earth sign & earth sign, water & water, etc., you get the point! Fire & air signs tend to mix well, as well as water & earth signs share compatibility. Once you’ve establish you & your partners sun sign compatibility, the next thing you want to look at is compatibility between your moon signs.

Your moon sign controls your emotions, so the chemistry between you & your partner will largely rely on the connection between your moon signs. How you both display your emotions is crucial & can’t be a make or break for any relationship. Check out what sign falls amongst your Venus. Since Venus rules how & what you love, understanding your sign in Venus will help you to figure out how romantically compatible you & your partner are! Finally, look into Mercury- this planet dictates how you communicate, and you definitely want to be with someone with similar communicative styles as you! Of course, none of these are deal breakers but examining the planets & your signs will help indicate where you & your partner may have difficulties or where there is a need to work on things! Happy romancing!

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