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Summer time is officially here & with that comes backyard barbecues, days floating down the river, & pool parties. To help prepare my body for these outdoor festivities I eat clean, hydrate a ton, & sweat, sweat, sweat! To stay in shape for swim suit season, I always try to hit a quick workout in the morning before starting my day. A routine you can follow to feel your best for the summer time is wake up & drink a tall glass of water (try it with cucumber, lemon or mint to cleanse your tastebuds), set a goal or intention for the day, do some stretching or a workout, then finish your morning with a cool shower. I recommend the following weekly workout routine to cover all muscle groups. For first day focus on biceps & back muscles, on the second day focus on triceps & chest area, give yourself a rest day. Third day is cardio & abs, fourth day is leg day & lower body. Take breaks! You only get one body so treat it kindly & take care of it, because every day it takes care of you!

Blog by: Dario

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