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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Get Salon Shiny Hair Every Day

By May 21, 2019No Comments

Make it happen at home.

Ever wonder how the stylist can make your hair all smooth and shiny, yet every time you go home to try it, it’s just not the same? This week on tips and tricks we’ll be sharing about a secret problem that may surprise you: Humidity.

We all love a good, hot shower. Whether it’s early in the a.m. to get your day started or at night to wind down before going to bed.

But did you know that that hot steamy water is terror on the drying process and just causes more frizz?

The hot water may feel amazing on our skin, but it also opens up the cuticle of the hair. Then we get out and the entire room is foggy. We open the door so the mirror will clear, and once it does, we’re in that hot little room trying to dry our hair. Then we’re sweating and because it’s still humid, the moisture just keeps hanging around.

So after a hot shower, dry your hair in another room. Either another bathroom or move to a vanity in another room. The lack of moisture in the air and the cooler temperature will speed up your blow dry time and be more comfortable giving you the perfect environment for a smooth blow out.

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