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For Your Summer Garden

By May 24, 2019No Comments

Citronella…a nice plant that mosquitos hate!

This mild (even chilly!) weather is causing everyone to freak out and go outside!

One of our favorite outdoor activities is gardening and Whitfill Nursery, is our favorite place to pick up plants.

Whitfill has a lovely outdoor property with lots of shade if you’re in the mood to roam for a while. If you have kids, it’s an awesome place to visit. They have resident wildlife that is fun to view including goats, parrots, macaws, parakeets, and free-roaming chickens and peacocks. On a recent visit, we got to see a peacock strutting his stuff and it was glorious!

The main reason we stopped there was to stock up one of our planters with citronella plants. Yes, the stuff that mosquito repellent is made of.

This green leafy plant is attractive and very useful. We always have massive mosquitos in our back porch planter and they rush into the house whenever we open the door. Well, not this year!

We bought four bushy citronella plants and have surrounded our doorway with them in an effort to keep those nasty little things far away from us this summer. I personally hate using mosquito repellant spray on my skin so I’m hoping this helps us survive the summer (I’m one of those people who gets a million bites).

And if it doesn’t work? Well, it’s a nice-looking plant anyway!



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