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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Making the Big Chop

By May 28, 2019No Comments

Short is chic and bold!
(photo: youtube)

“Not a lot of girls can pull off short hair, but I like it on you”.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are shocked that I, a young female, have short hair!

I remember the time I walked to into a salon when I finally turned 18 and decided to cut of my hip length mane of curls. The sight of 16 inches of hair falling from my own head made my heart jump right out of my chest. It was terrifying, but I have yet to find an excitement quite like it.

That rush of rebellion and facing the unknown put LIFE back into my daily routine. I struggled to figure out how to manage the new look but the process was nothing but fun for me! It gave me an unknown confidence in myself that I never knew I had. With the impact it had on me and my confidence, I set out to achieve a goal to give that same feeling I had that day to as many people I can. This began my career as a cosmetologist.

Some tips if you’re thinking about going through with it!

-Don’t listen to the opinions of others. How about we just don’t tell anyone until it’s done? Because we all know how much we are affected by the pressure of our peers. You are your own person. If you truly need a second opinion, ask a stylist! We’re always here to help!

-Make sure you have a cut in mind! Inspiration can really give you some excitement if you’re nervous about the change and it will also help your stylist to give you the perfect look! Consultations at The Root Salon are complimentary, why not talk it out with someone first?

-Don’t do it yourself. Please. That’s all we ask. Trust us, we know how badly the temptation sets in when your waiting for the day for your appointment to come around. Head to YouTube and check out the home haircut fails to see why. We promise the end result will be worth the wait!

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