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Everyone Is Using It: Dry Shampoo

By May 17, 2019No Comments

This is the good stuff!

Truly, everyone is using dry shampoo. Men and women alike are giving this a try. And, here in Phoenix with the hot summer ahead, we have some ideas of how to use dry shampoo in your routine.

We have two products available for dry shampoo lovers: Our Aveda powder dry shampoo and our Alfaparf aerosol spray dry texturizing shampoo.

I hear all the time both the preferences and the struggle with these products. Here’s what I’m learning from my clients as they share their experiences:

More and more men are using the spray texturizing dry shampoo like a deodorant for their hair. Some use it in the morning to style and again that afternoon before going out after work. This makes the hair smell good and removes the build up from the work day.

Ladies love the powder for a not-so-dirty day two look. But did you know that if you use the powder shampoo before you go to bed it actually works better? By morning the whiteness that occurs when you first apply it is gone. Plus, in the summer months, we tend to get a little hot and sweaty in the night and that’s when the dry shampoo can really work for you. Once you wake up, your morning is less hectic and the blow out from a previous day will only need a touch-up.

Honestly, no matter your current shampoo habits, there’s a way dry shampoo can help you. Daily shampoo-ers can skip a day so hair isn’t too clean or too soft. Those who blow dry on the regular, can now make that blow out last for two or more days.

Dry shampoo is a must for your bathroom cabinets! Talk to us more about it at your next appointment!


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