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Here are some money saving tips and tricks for your hair care this Tuesday!

  1. If you color your hair, always use shampoos that are safe for color-treated hair. You’ll cut down on how frequently you need to re-color because these shampoos won’t strip the color.
  2. Before you get highlights, tell your colorist how often you’re willing to return for touch-ups. If you want only three appointments a year, the colorist will give you fewer, more subtle highlights, or balayage!
  3. Invest in four high-quality haircuts a year. A masterly cut grows out beautifully, and four good haircuts usually cost less than twelve bad ones!
  4. If you have fine to medium-thick hair: Instead of getting a full head of highlights, ask for a partial T-section. The colorist will apply highlights on just your part and the front sections around your face. This method is cheaper and faster, and your hair looks thicker because the darker hair underneath the highlights creates the illusion of depth.

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