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Now that school’s out and road trips and travel plans are in full force, let’s discuss the essentials for travel and why. Or we can call it the do’s and don’ts while traveling.

Hotel hairdryers are great for kids hair or even your husband’s hair, But never ever use it to dry your hair,  especially if you have color or highlighted hair!  Those little dryers get so hot and they never get cleaned. Reaching temperatures over 400 degrees, it will melt, fry, and break your hair.  Even if you’re just knocking the moisture out of your hair with it, make sure to keep plenty of distance from dryer to hair.

Going out of the country?  Don’t take any of your heat tools, even with the fancy connectors.  Most likely, you will ruin your equipment and shorten your appliance lifespan.

As always, the highly knowledgeable staff at The Root Salon can help with all questions and concerns BEFORE any travel plans.  So when discussing upcoming events, always include destinations, time of year, and what level of adventure you’ll be going on.  That way we can do pre-trip treatments or post-travel services that will help you keep your hair the healthiest and looking it’s best for those forever photos!

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